60 Days with the OnePlus One



It’s been roughly 2 months since the OnePlus One fell into my greasy ass fingers. Is it still the “Flagship Killer” OnePlus One promised? Has my overall impression of device changed since my first review? Lets find out.

In my first review I didn’t have too many negative things to say regarding the OPO. I had some minor quibbles here and there, but for the most part, my review was very positive. Two months and a couple of updates later, I am pleased to report that my OPO is still kicking ass.

If you have not yet read my OnePlus One – Epic Review, take a look at that shit and come back. I might be referencing things I said in that review, so it may help to give you some fucking context. I’ll just wait here.

Is the Oneplus One the best phone I have ever owned?

In short. Absofuckinloutely! I look at smartphones differently now. The OnePlus One has become the new benchmark in terms of price/performance and bang for your buck or whatever you call your currency.

For example, lets compare the OPO with the brand new Moto X (2014). For the most part, the new X has roughly the same specs as the OPO. But some may find that it is lacking in a few very key areas. Such as price, and battery life. Okay, so the price is “reasonable”, for a premium flagship device. But what is a “reasonable price” for a flagship phone. At $549 for the 32GB model, that is dirt fucking cheap compared to the Spamsung GS5 and/or the Note 4 pieces of shit (Note 4 priced between $700 and $830). But the Moto X is still $200 more than the OPO, with only half of the storage capacity and shitty battery life. The Moto X is still considered by many to be a “bargain” in the smartphone world. Just goes to show how you how much of a damn better bargain the OPO really is compared to almost everything else. The Oneplus One in a league of its own. As far as smartphones go, there is not a better value on the planet right now. Plain and simple.

TL;DR Yes, easily the best phone I have ever owned.

Surely there is something you dislike after 2 months of day to day usage, right?

Yeah, sure. The OPO can be a little bitch sometimes. The occasional app freeze, and needing to restart can be annoying, but 95% of the time the OPO runs flawlessly. I have had some strange touch screen issues lately that are kind of hard to describe, but nothing that a reboot wont fix. Of coarse, as I write this, my fucking OnePlus One wont turn on. Hold on. Huh, had to boot into fastboot, then restart. But all is well again. It is shit like this that may be a turn off for some. Every now and then you find an occasional bug. But most of the time there is nothing to really worry about. I have no idea why that just happened, it just happened. But were all good now, so whatever. I hope the Android L update doesn’t cause too many issues. I could certainly see it being problematic, but hopefully Google and CM find most of the bugs before officially releasing L to the public

TL;DR The occasional bug, but it aint no thang.

What about that yellow shit near the bottom of your screen?

Oh, you noticed that? After two months I can report that the yellowing hasn’t improved or gotten any worse. Yeah, I tried leaving it out in the sun and all that bullshit, but it didn’t do anything at all. The only time I ever notice the yellowing, is when I am actively looking for it, and it must be on an all white background. You cant see shit when you are on a colored background. You literally need some super hero class eyes if you can see any kind of yellowing on the screen when it is not on a mostly white/light gray background.

TL;DR I don’t give a shit.

Is the battery life as good as everyone says it is?

The battery life is probably one of my favorite things about the One. This is why I don’t really mind that wireless charging is missing (but I still want to see it on the OP2). I consider myself to be a moderate-sometimes heavy user. Unlike my old Nexus 5, I never have to charge my OPO during the day. On a typical work day, 8AM-5PM, I will come home with usually 50%-60% left on the battery, just depends on how much I am using the device at work. This is easily enough juice to get me through the night. By the time I finish off my daily bottle of Jack, and stumble up to bed, I think I usually have about 30% remaining. So for me, its perfect.

Did I mention how fast it charges? Its pretty god damn fast. I haven’t done any real scientific tests with the battery charging, but I do know that my OPO charges faster than any other device I have ever owned.

TL;DR Battery is fucking great, Charges fast as hell

How long did it take to get used to the size?

This is what I was most apprehensive about when considering whether or not to purchase the OPO. Was the 5.5″ screen too big for my teeny, tiny, girlish fingers? Okay, they are more normal sized than anything, but they are certainly not big by any means, maybe compared to a baby? Whatever, I was worried. But you know what, the transition probably only took maybe a day or two. It came more naturally than I though it would. But I am not going any bigger. The OPO is as large as I will go. If they can someday squeeze a 6 inch screen into a OPO frame, I’ll be all about it, otherwise I am out. I can use the OPO one handed, but it can be difficult.

My wife still has her Nexus 5. It is strange how your perception of what a big phone is after using the OPO. I used to think the N5 was kind of big, but now it feels like a toy. Holding something like an iPhone 4 makes you feel like a fucking giant.

I applaud Apple for making a beastly, yet bendable, big ass phone of their own. But the 64 GB iPhone 6 Plus is over $850, which is just straight up fucking ridiculous. But that is a discussion for another day and time.

TL;DR The size is just about perfect, just don’t make it any bigger.

Hows the camera performance?

The camera takes amazing photos of my asshole cat. It also shoots pretty decent video as well. Other threads on the forum will go into camera performance in much greater detail than I ever could. So I will once again refrain from going into too much depth regarding camera software or performance.

TL;DR Camera…Gooooooooood


  • flamingodise

    Great review, I had already read it on the OnePlus forums!

  • Parker

    Loved your f**kin review. I have a flip phone and am on the verge of buying a smartphone finally. Is the OnePlus One the way to go? Should I hold out for something else. I have been with Verizon for years and haven’t been put on any 2 year contracts. Should I switch to T-Mobile and then get the OnePlus One? I’m looking for some serious f**kin insight.

    • Epic Ryan

      In short, yes. Might want to give T-Mobile’s network a test drive first. But if their network suits your needs I would highly recommend it. Absolutely get the OnePlus, they have a pre-order thing going on tomorrow I believe. That will be your best chance scoring the device w/o an invite.

    • ETR

      In short, yes. Might want to give T-Mobile’s network a test drive first. But if their network suits your needs I would highly recommend it. Absolutely get the OnePlus, they have a pre-order thing going on tomorrow I believe. That will be your best chance scoring the device w/o an invite.