Nexus 6 Impressions


The soon to be released Nexus 6 has a lot going for it, certainly on paper. The Nexus 6 is spec’d out to the max. It features the latest and greatest of pretty much everything. A top-notch Snapdragon 805 processor, 3GB RAM, 32 & 64 GB storage options, 13 MP camera with OIS, QHD screen, the list goes on and on. Aside from the glorious specs, this isn’t your average Nexus device on the outside either. This go around, the Nexus 6 enters the “ultra premium” tier of smartphones. Built to rival the latest and greatest hardware from Cupertino, and pretty much anyone else for that matter.

Last year’s hugely successful Nexus 5 was certainly no slouch in any measurable category. It was, and still is, a very capable device with a few big shortcomings, battery life and camera quality/performance were among the highlights. But it was a far cry from some of the higher end handsets of last year. The premium build quality & look and feel were just not there, even though the price more than made up for it. The Nexus line has long been known as one of the best values in the tech industry. A top-notch $350 phone from a major manufacturer is hard to beat. People loved it, so why did Google decide to do a 180? Why did Google decide to abandon their high value, low-priced smart phone?

Technically, their “value” minded phone still exists. In the form of last years Nexus 5. Same model, same specs, same everything. The N5 is still being sold through Google Play as an alternative to the new, and far more expensive Nexus 6. Even though it is still a terrific deal at $350, it has certainly lost a bit of its luster being a last generation phone and all.

So is the Nexus 6 a worthy upgrade? That is tough to say. Do you want a 8oz sirloin steak, or a 16 oz fillet mignon for double the price? What is your appetite, and what can you afford? Compared to the Nexus 5, the 6 is a fucking behemoth. That is the first thing that you will need to take into account. It is one of the largest phones on the market, period (without getting into that “holy shit they made a 7 inch phone” category). Large phones are not necessarily any better, nor are not any worse than your standard 5 inch phone. It all depends on your particular taste, and the size of your pockets. But they are certainty not for everyone. The Nexus 6 size, and price will not allow for the same mass appeal as it predecessor. But I am not so sure if that matters anymore to Google. Perhaps they are content with their market share and are tired of  not having a iPhone quality device to call their own.

It is crystal clear that not everyone is so eager to join the phablet bandwagon. I can understand every argument to be had either way, there is no right or wrong. But Google now has a flagship that can hold its own with Apple. I have no doubt Google has another hit on their hands, but I will hold out my judgement until I get this bitch in my greasy ass fingers.

[Image: Google]

  • dertsch

    5,9 is clearly too big
    ii think 5,5 are still huge but it really fits perfectly into my handy (OnePlus One)
    P.S. really liked your review on the forums ;)

    • ETR

      I think it’s going to be too big as well, but you never know till you hold it in your hand. I was absolutely positive the OnePlus One was going to be too big, but then it grew on me. So I will hold my judgement until it’s in my hands.

  • Waterdroid

    Hey bud, if you’re looking for some extra writers by any chance.. I’m trying to get some experience in the field and I really like your blog. My interests mainly cover Android and customization through apps, mods and ROMs. Lemme know if you’re interested!

    • ETR

      Thank you! Send me a PM via the OP forum. Probably the easiest place to start. You may know of forum member @phillipreece. He is planning on becoming a contributing author here as well.