The State of the Nexus – Rant



At long last, the Nexus 6, 9 and Nexus Player are all finally official!

For Android fanboys, like myself, days like this are what I imagine it is like to be an Apple lunatic once a year. It’s a great day for all things Android. New devices and a new official Android OS (Lollipop) what could be better? After so much speculation that the Nexus program would be coming to an end, it was nice to see that the Nexus program is alive and well. But is it still the Nexus line we have all grown to love and admire, has the Nexus like lost some of its mass appeal? The answer is not a simple yes or no, but the announcement has certainly left a lot of Android diehards scratching their heads. I wont get into the Nexus player because I believe that it is a terrific fucking value at just $99.

I don’t think that there is any denying that the Nexus 6 is by far the sexiest fucking Nexus device thus far. Yes, it looks like it should be called the Moto XL, but the Moto X is a very attractive device, so I can’t complain. The specs for each device are equally as attractive, among the best in the industry across the board. But there is something, very unattractive about the newest super phone & tablet from Mountain View. The price. What the fuck is up with the price? You know that little thing that made the Nexus devices some of the best values in the entire tech universe. Google has decided to go with ultra premium devices and ultra premium price tags to boot. Both the Nexus 6 ($650) and the Nexus 9 ($399) are almost twice as expensive as their counterparts from last year, Nexus 5 $349 and Nexus 7 $229. Much to the chagrin of Android enthusiasts everywhere.


The past two iterations of the Nexus line have consisted of moderate to high end spec’d devices, for an almost unbeatable price. So naturally, everyone expected the pricing structure to continue. Especially considering competition, such as OnePlus, releasing high spec’d, extremely affordable devices. It’s not like Nexus devices have always been super fucking affordable. Just a few generations ago the Samsung Galaxy Nexus sold for around $650 at launch, and the Nexus 10 tablet sold for around $400. So I can’t say I am surprised, since it has happened before. But I think people often expect a trend to continue. I think most people would have been happy with a slightly less powerful device paired with an another awesome price tag.

Is this Google’s official response to the iPhone, iPad and Apple TV? It sure seems like it. These new devices rival everything Apple has going for them, while undercutting Apple’s prices by several hundred dollars. I am never going to complain about having options, I just wish Google would pick a fucking stance and stick with it. Is Nexus about high-end, premium devices? Or are Nexus devices affordable devices, showcasing pure Android for all? Just quit going back and forth. Give the Nexus line a fucking image and stick with it.

In the end, it all equals out. It’s not like you’re getting a $650 piece of shit (fire phone). It’s going to be another amazing Google phone that just might fix a lot of the big issues people had with the Nexus 5. I look forward to reviewing all 3 of the devices once they are officially released.

 [Images: Google]