Despite all of their shortcomings, OnePlus has won


My own personal experience with the OnePlus One could be described as roller coaster ride, with a shit load of loopty loops. What started out with mystery (what is the OnePlus One?), soon became joy (OnePlus One announcement), joy became confusion (what the fuck is an invite system?), confusion became anger (this invite system fucking sucks!), anger became joy again (holy shit I got an invite!), and around and around my emotions went.

The actual device turned out to be better than I ever expected. The hardware and software combination turned out to be a match made in heaven, even though I still found the occasional bug here and there. It is an almost perfect phone for a perfect price. But that is not where Oneplus won the battle.

Never before have I owned a smart phone, or any device for that matter, that I have felt emotionally attached to. Hear me out. Not like that, but owning a OnePlus One feels, for lack of a better word, “special”. I actually felt kind of guilty pre-ordering the Nexus 6. Why the fuck would I have any emotional attachment to a device? Perhaps I feel a bit more invested in the device than some, I’ve had a steady involvement with the OnePlus forum for quite sometime now. Making a few friends and getting to know several others along the way. In a little less than a year, the OnePlus team has gone from being an unknown startup, to creating one of the strongest and most passionate communities in the tech industry. It is that community, that makes owning a OnePlus One different from other devices. Kind of like joining a club. You just don’t get that with other devices. The closest you will get is probably the Nexus community, but that community is very large and very wide spread throughout the interwebs. When you purchase phones from larger manufacturers, it feels a bit different, more empty. For example. When you purchase an iPhone, you are just another dick to purchase an iPhone, another number. There is no connection with real people, you have a new device, end of story. Sure you can go out and find an Apple community to join, but it wont be the same IMO. Either by hook or by crook, most (a bunch anyway) people who purchase a OnePlus One are active in the forums, at some point, at least for a few posts. Most are probably searching for invites, but others decide to stay for awhile and engage in conversations, meaningful or casual.

The Nexus 6 has some big ass shoes to fill. I’m not going to lie, saying goodbye to my OnePlus One might be kinda tough. But I cannot guarantee that I will keep the Nexus 6 over my OPO. It’s more expensive, it might be a little too big for my girlish fingers, and I have a few battery concerns. I guess time will tell, I look forward to doing a review and comparison of the Nexus 6 vs the OnePlus One, so stay tuned.