Where’s the F***ing Nexus?


Where the fuck is the Nexus 6? Why did Google have so few Nexus 6 phones available for pre-order? The Nexus 9 is out and about. Google is currently taking orders for the Nexus Player. So what is the fucking deal with the 6?

If you tried to pre-order the Nexus 6, you more than likely failed. Google went through their stock of what seems like a few dozen Nexus 6 smartphones in no time. Shortly after it opened, the Nexus 6 was no longer available for pre-order. It has been stuck in limbo ever since. The Nexus 6 status Google Play is currently listed as “We are out of inventory. Please check back soon.”

You know it’s bullshit, I know it’s bullshit. They aren’t out of stock. They couldn’t have sold their entire inventory in 10 minutes. There has to be a reason for the extremely small amount of pre-orders taken and the sudden stop of any and all orders. Usually, Google continues the pre-order process, but they keep on extending the expected shipping/inventory date. So what the fuck is the deal?

Here is my take. Google has made a deal with the devil, and were all fucked. Okay, maybe not to that extreme, but the launch of this Nexus phone does not seem like it is going to be like the others. Nothing about the Nexus 6 is like the others thus far. Ultra premium, high price, availability on all four carriers. Certainly not very Nexus like.

Google struck a deal with the four major carriers. They have essentially sold their soul to the devil and gave in to carrier pressure. Somehow, collectively, all four carriers strong armed Goo-fucking-gle into holding back their Nexus 6 release in order to give them some phones to sell. I blame Verizon more than anyone else. If anyone is mostly to blame, I would put my money on Big Red. This is the exact kind of fuckery I have come to expect from Verizon. I am guessing that carriers weren’t all too pleased with Google selling phones that they could be selling themselves. What else could it be? Carriers make a lot of money from phone sales, and their cash cow “contracts”. Google selling phones, doesn’t make carriers money on hardware sales, nor does it gain them any new contracts. All four carriers have placed an embargo against Play store sales of the Nexus 6, for a specified period of time. Google has agreed. That is my best guess. This is all speculation remember.

So is the Nexus smartphone line, as we know it, gone for good? It certainly appears that way. I am not sure it’s really a bad thing, I guess time will tell. The Nexus 6 is off to a rocky start. It’s already been met with its fair share of criticism, and it hasn’t even been released yet. So lets just stay calm and see how this shit plays out.