Carved – Traveler Wood Case Review (Galaxy S6)


For a very large percentage of smartphone buyers, the first thing most of us do is pick up a case to protect our new investment. Regardless of your opinion on the subject of case vs no case, cases provide more protection than nothing at all. Yes, it’s a damn shame we have to hide our beautiful smartphones behind cheap, bulky, and ugly cases. But unfortunately, shit happens, you own a phone long enough, it’s going to drop. If you are the early adopter type that buys and sells phones often, a case is an absolute must.

The folks over at were gracious enough to provide ETR with a brand new wood traveler case to review. You can use this code to receive 10% off your purchase. The case we will be reviewing today is the Walnut Burl Traveler Wood Case for the Samsung Galaxy S6.


Appearance & Design

Over the years, I have experienced my fair share of smartphone cases. From the very cheap to the moderately expensive, the perfect case provides great style and adequate protection.

Style wise, Carved has you covered. If you own a fairly recent iPhone (4 and above), Galaxy S (S4 and above), or Nexus device (5 and 6), you are good to go. They feature a vast selection of wood species and unique designs for each phone type. You can even upload your own custom artwork. If you feel like getting crazy, you can create a custom, one-of-a-kind laser engraved wood inlay case.


The highlight of the case is obviously the wood backing. The Walnut Burl featured on our traveler case is of the highest quality, it’s gorgeous wood. It has been precision cut to perfectly fit each cutout on your device. The wood finish could best be described as natural. It feels like dense hardwood and maintains its beautiful wood grain texture. It feels fantastic in the hand. Overall the wood looks great and feels very premium, a nice change up to your typical rubbery/plasticky texture found on most TPU cases.

The sides and lip of each traveler case are made out of black TPU material. A material that has become synonymous with smartphone cases over the years. Each side of the case features a textured finish to improve grip.



The traveler case is no replacement for a bulky, super protective case, such as an Otterbox. But it should be more than adequate for most people, those that value their belongings anyway. I would put its protection factor just below what you normally find in a TPU case from someone like Diztronic. This particular case could best be described as minimal protection. The TPU material is quite thin and I can’t imagine the case providing much protection if you should happen to drop your phone from more than just a few feet from the ground.


But being thin does have it’s advantages. For one, the case provides very minimal bulk. If you’re the type that likes to keep your devices nice and trim, but still be protected from every bumps and bruises, you are in good hands. But if you are the clumsy type or happen to drop your phone a lot, then you might be better off with something with a bit more protection.

There is a small lip on the front of the case that will keep your screen from contacting the surface when laying on its face. The thinness of the material makes button presses just as easy as if there were no case on the phone at all. Unlike some other bulkier cases, you can press the power/volume buttons without any extra effort whatsoever.



With prices ranging anywhere from $24-50+(our review case can be had for $32), Carved cases are certainly not the cheapest cases on the market. But for the extra premium, you’re getting a one-of-a-kind case. Thanks to each cases unique wood grain, no two cases will ever be the same.

If you are looking for something out of the ordinary, handmade in the USA (Indiana!), and love the look and feel of wood, then look no further. Carved provides a great alternative to your typical, everyday TPU case.