Review – Tronsmart Quick Charge 2.0 Chargers


If you are anything like me, then you probably have about a thousand micro-USB cables and chargers lying around your home. But when it comes to charging, most chargers are about as worthless as a screen door on a submarine. Most, if not all, aren’t capable of quick charging. But if you own a device with quick charging capabilities, you’re going to want a charger that can take advantage of your devices quick charging superpower.

Typical USB chargers will vary greatly from one to the other, but most do not support quick charging. If you have ever tried plugging your phone or tablet into a computer USB port hoping for some quick juice, you know how painfully slow it can be. Same goes for most other wall chargers that charge at a relatively low amperage. Plugging your phone into that micro-USB charger that came with your old Bluetooth speaker, or a standard USB 2.0 port, is not going to charge your device very quickly. In short, not all chargers are created equal. Thus the need for aftermarket chargers.

If you own a quick charge 2.0 device (there are quite a few out there), you’re not going to want to plug into an ordinary charger that cannot reap any of the benefits of Qualcomm’s quick charge technology. If it’s a feature of your device, might as well take advantage of it.


Tronsmart Quick Charge Wall Charger Box Contents

Enter the Tronsmart family of chargers. Each device has been certified by Qualcomm and built specifically to take advantage of quick charge 2.0. Tronsmart quick chargers support both micro-USB or the newest USB Type-C standards. So if you have jumped aboard the USB Type-C bandwagon, you are covered.

Tronsmart offers three general varieties of chargers, car, wall, and desktop. So finding a charger to fit your needs will not be a problem. Today, we’re going to have a look at one of each type.

TS-CC4PC Quick Charge 2.0 Rapid Car Charger

Tronsmart 4 Port Quick Charge Car Charger

If your current car charger is several years old, and you own, let’s say the new Moto X Pure Edition, you are doing yourself a huge disservice. I’m not just saying that. Ever tried using Google Maps navigation while plugged into your cheap/old car charger? Your battery probably drains even though you’re plugged in. In other words, your device discharges faster than it can absorb a charge. Most old car chargers are weak as shit and just cannot supply enough power to compensate for the power used by the device.

Google Maps is notoriously bad a sucking batteries dry, wouldn’t it be nice to have a charger that can keep up? What if I told you that you could actually charge your device while using Google Maps. Sound good?

Tronsmart has built a device that can deliver quick charge speeds via your vehicle’s DC 12-24V ports. While using the blue port, you can charge your phone faster than most other car chargers on the market. This model also allows you to charge 4 devices simultaneously. But keep in mind, only the blue port will support quick charge 2.0.

Overall, the device looks like a standard car charger, sporting a matte finish that I think we are all probably accustomed too. If you have yet to experience quick charging in your vehicle, and you own a quick charge device, I highly recommend picking up this charger.

Tronsmart TS-WC3PC QC 2.0 Rapid Wall ChargerTS-UC5PC QC 2.0 Rapid Desktop Charger

NOTE: We are testing these Tronsmart quick chargers on the brand new Moto X Pure Edition, which is currently one of, if not the, fastest charging phone on the planet. It should also be noted that comparisons made with it’s included 25W Turbo Charger are a bit unfair considering it’s charger was tailor-made specifically for the Moto X, whereas the Tronsmart line of chargers are universal (they work with any device).


Tronsmart Wall Charger. Use the blue port for quick charging.

If you own a quick charge device, you probably only received only one charger in the box it came in. That charger probably remains in a permanent location, in your bedroom, kitchen, etc. You probably don’t want to go running upstairs to your bedroom every time your phone needs some juice. The obvious solution is to pick up another charger. But not just any charger of course. Like we said above, you need a charger that can take advantage of your phones quick charge magic. Depending on your setup, the Tronsmart Rapid Wall Charger or Desktop Charger might be right for you.

Even though your device will probably not charge as quickly as using the default quick charger from the manufacturer, the wall, and/or desktop charger are still great alternatives. Purchasing spare OEM chargers from Motorola, Samsung, etc, can get very expensive, and you can usually only charge one device at a time.

Wall Charger


The Tronsmart Quick Charge Wall Charger takes up very little space.

The Tronsmart Wall Charger works exactly as you would think its name implies. It has no power cord, it plugs directly into the wall. No wires, no clutter, no mess. Perfect for areas where you have charging needs, but not a lot of space. Personally, I use mine in the kitchen. The wall charger boasts three total charging ports, with one (blue port) being quick charge capable. The other ports will still do a fine job of charging your other devices, it just won’t charge quite as fast as the blue port.

Regardless of whether it’s the car charger, wall charger or desktop charger you can safely charge any USB device via any port, via any charger. Tronsmart’s VoltIQ technology will automatically identify the power level required for each connected device. So there is no need to worry about overcharging your devices.

Desktop Charger


The 5 Port Tronsmart Quick Charge Desktop Charger. Use far right (blue) port for quick charging.

The Tronsmart Desktop Charger also features one single quick charge port, but also adds on 4 additional standard charging ports. Perfect of large families and tech junkies alike. The desktop charger comes with a short power cord and a lengthy charging cable. Setup is as simple as plug and play. That’s all there is to it.

You can use other standard USB cables to charge other devices, but be aware, if you want the maximum quick charging benefit from any of these chargers, use the provided cable for best efficiency. One more thing, the provided USB cable cannot be used to transfer data, it’s strictly for charging purposes only.


As stated before, you won’t be able to attain the mythical like charging speeds of Motorola’s 25W supercharger, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t fast. When compared to the rest of the phones in the world, you are still charging faster than most of them. That being said, I experienced similar results and charge times from each device. While slower that the OEM charger, each Tronsmart charger performed admirably in their own right, all while being much more versatile than the OEM charger, which features only one port.

If I had to rank each charger based on how fast it charges it would go Desktop/Wall (tie), then Car. But the real world difference is negligible. You will very seldom ever charge your phone in your car from 0 to 100%, so I don’t see why those figures would be relevant. Rather, I tested based on how I would typically use each charger. We already discussed the car charger above, well worth the purchase. My experience with the wall and desktop chargers could be described like this. I use these chargers sporadically, or whenever I notice my phone is low and I might need some more power to get me through the rest of my day. So quick charges ranging from a half and hour to a full hour would be typical for me personally.

Charge times and speeds can be influenced by several different factors, the biggest factor being the type and brand of the device. So listing exact charging times probably wouldn’t do most people any good. But speaking from my experiences thus far, I am averaging around .80-.85% per minute while using either the desktop or wall charger. That’s while charging from a relatively low battery, 15-25%. Your results may (and probably will) vary based on your device.

Your device will charge differently based upon your current battery state. The lower the charge on your device, the faster the initial charge will be. The charge rate will drop off significantly the closer to 100% your charge is. Just keep that in mind when doing your own charge analysis.



Tronsmart Quick Charge Desktop Charger

Most devices that hit the market today include some kind of quick charge features, with just a few notable exceptions such as the OnePlus 2. So it would be to your benefit to pick up a charger that can take advantage of your phone’s capabilities.

Thinking of purchasing a Nexus 5X or 6P? Tronsmart also carries a USB Type-C vehicle quick charger, we will take a look at its performance once we have our Nexus 6P in hand. But regardless of your needs, I think the folks at Tronsmart have you covered, whatever you charging needs may be.

  • prstorero

    I picked up two of the desktop ones about a week ago. One I plan on keeping inside my duffle bag for travelling. That way I can use one wall plug and charge my phone, tablet, watch, and two external battery packs all at once if necessary. As for the other one, I bought some strips of industrial strength Velcro and stuck it to the back of my night stand so I can charge up all my devices right before hitting the road when we travel somewhere so I’m not running around to multiple chargers placed in different places around my room to gather up everything. So far it’s a nice convenience for me.