Nextbit Robin – First Impressions

The Nextbit Robin is finally in hand. But it shouldn’t be here. Not yet. How is this possible?

Backing a Kickstarter project isn’t supposed to go this smoothly. In my personal experience, it just doesn’t happen. You are supposed to drop a bunch of money on an idea and a promise, bitch about this and that for a few months, wait for production delays to get figured out, wait on re-tooling, wait for apologies, and then you get your product, at least 4-6 months late, minimum.

I guess someone forgot to inform Nextbit how its supposed to go down. Because none of that shit happened. Perhaps they were way farther along than any of us knew, but to deliver such a complicated device, fully functional and on time is a victory in and of itself, regardless of how you slice it. Apparently they knew what they were doing.

Time will tell if Nextbit has built a quality device, expect a full review in the coming days, but for now, let’s take a quick look at the Nextbit Robin.





The Robin packaging is actually quite good. I don’t know what I expected, a brown cardboard box with some duct tape? I figured they would maybe cut a few corners here and there, especially on the packaging, but this is not the case. The Robin packaging could easily hold its own against some well-established brands.

You might see a charger and tee shirt in the first picture, you should probably know that this is not included with a standard Robin purchase. These are Kickstarter backer rewards. More on the lack of a dedicated charger in the review.



The Nextbit quick charger is simplistic and handsome in its own right. Pair it up with the eerily similar OnePlus esque blue charging cable, and we’ll see how fast this puppy can charge. We will cover the chargers capabilities in the full review.


The volume buttons don’t really stick out as far as I thought they would. They are less pronounced than the photo makes them look.


USB Type-C port and bottom speaker.


The fingerprint thumbprint sensor is slightly recessed. Why doesn’t it protrude a bit from the body? I don’t really know. However, it does seem to be quite responsive and accurate.



I really enjoy the feel and texture of the Robin in general. I think it’s quite comfortable to hold.




Overall, I am impressed by the fit and finish of the Robin.



Well, there you have it. On the surface, the Robin seems like a real contender. We will see what we find out once we start digging in. You can expect a whole lot more in our in-depth and detailed review shortly. Till then.

  • Leonid Zolotarev

    Wonder if it is worth $399. There are quite a few devices out there with better specs and a lower price tag. To justify the price, this phone should work flawlessly, which I highly doubt it does.

    • ETR

      I’ll be answering that exact question in my review. Should be posted later today or tomorrow.