Brutally honest tech reviews & opinions

So what is Epic Tech Review?

Epic Tech Review is about telling it how it is. ETR is a no holds barred tech discussion blog, that may not be for the weak of heart. If you cannot handle foul language, it is probably best you leave now.  I have no filter when I write, I have no idea what my fingers will manipulate the keyboard into doing.

So who am I? I am a graphic designer, hailing from the greatest state in the Midwest, INDIANA!  I am a die hard Indianapolis Colts and Notre Dame football fan. I am a technology enthusiast with a unhealthy passion of being an early adopter. I often say more than I need too, and always tell it how it is. I am an Android fan boy, I’ll admit it. I respect Apple, even though I cannot stand their locked down ecosystem. But to each their own.

I hope you enjoy my site as much as I enjoy filling it with worthless opinions. Prepare your inbox.